Status Update

I’m getting better at shooting guns.  Yay!  I can shoot the A-Zone of an IDPA target at 15 yards on demand, which I will take as a vast improvement.  However this is where I begin to diverge from standing in the lane shooting one shot at a time to the A-Zone of an IDPA target and begin to move toward getting two A-Zone hits from the holster every time.

The main thing I’ve had to change is my grip, before I could be a little lax about how tightly I was gripping the gun but those times have passed.  If you look at the video from my USPSA match around the 30 second mark you can see where I have to completely reset my grip after every shot:

This is not how I want to be shooting, not only is it harming my accuracy but it’s slowing me down a lot.  The past week I’ve spent a lot of time standing in the bay shooting two shot reps at seven yards and have found it difficult.  Trying to get the right pressure from both strong hand and weak hand while engaging the necessary forearm and pectoral muscles to keep it all under control is one thing, doing this without getting carried away and slapping the trigger is something completely different.

I’ve had to take my own advice and slow down a lot this week.  After all, slow is fast and now I’m seeing proof of that.


  1. My personal opinion is do alot of DA practice, once you can quickly fire in DA without pulling the gun off target firing in SA quickly is amazingly simple.

    And yes, work on the grip, grip exercisers may help if it’s a strength problem.

    Good luck and have fun!

  2. Shelley R I know what will help your grip is a reduction of clothes! Try shooting your 15 yard a zones in a mini skirt and high heels it will be more interesting for all us gun ” Nuts” out here.

    That’s strike 2, bucko. -Management

  3. “That’s strike 2, bucko. -Management”

    Love that!

    Perhaps Victor would like to shoot a match in a speedo?

  4. Dry fire until you feel the reset by second nature. Also work on your follow up shots shooting as fast and as relaxed as possible. It’s not that you will be shooting “slow”, but without tension in your muscles. Your follow ups are suffering from you hurrying and you tensing up when you shoot. Be warned, if you are shooting the M&P, the feel for the rest on it is very faint, and comes to reset with two clicks instead of one with the Glock.

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