The M&P

The fact that I’m not shooting the SR9c has been mentioned a couple of times and now I’m getting all sorts of questions on my Facebook page. I have switched to an M&P 9, mostly because I love M&Ps so very much. It fits me well and runs like a beast, what more do you want?

The gun is just a stock M&P, bought used, it was one of my rental guns and when Smith & Wesson sent us a shiny new M&P for the case I snatched the old one up as quick as I could. It just came back from the gunsmith at West Coast Armory yesterday and is all set to go. I didn’t get a trigger job, stippling or a ridiculous magwell. It’s still a stock M&P which is how I like it.

I did, however, have the slide moly resined green. Why? Because just as Caleb’s red race holster makes him go faster having a green slide brings me good luck. I also had some Heinie sights put on since the stock sights that were on the gun had seen better days.

Now I’m done having it worked on. No action jobs, nothing else. My grip needs a lot of work, my gun does not.


  1. I have owned several M&P’s and they are well made, good shooting guns. Good luck and please keep up updated on your progress.

  2. I need a better pictures of this green. It doesn’t show up that well in the pictures.

  3. I’ve been running Mrs. Normal’s M&P9(JG) in competition since job issues forced us to reduce my Glock collection – rock solid perfect guns!

  4. The M&P 9mm is a much larger gun than the SR9C and is not in the same category as the SR9C. Apples and oranges.

  5. Does anyone happen to know if it’s possible to put the shorter M&P 9c barrel and slide on a full-size M&P 9 frame? I’ve done some looking around and either my Google-fu is failing me, nobody has tried, or nobody makes such a thing.

    1. The 9c barrel and slide will not drop on the full size frame, but XGrip makes an adapter that lets a 9c take full size mags

  6. How do you like the overall feel of the trigger? I love my M&P9, but if I have to get nit picky I feel the trigger isn’t as good as it could be when compared to another very popular polymer framed pistol manufacturer.

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