Glock Endurance Test

Todd from Pistol-Training.Com is running a Gen4 Glock 17 through his endurance test.  Previous guns included the S&W M&P, the HK P30, and the HK45.  The Gen4 Glocks have been the subject of all kinds of internet speculation, with reports of failures coming in from across the country.  In fact, I had issues myself with the one T&E Gen4  Glock 17 that I used.

Todd’s Gen4 Glock 17?  5 stoppages in the first 548 rounds.  Now, HK and M&P fanboys are likely rejoicing at this news, however early reports indicate that the issue with the Gen4 is partially related to the extractor.  Todd replaced the extractor on his Gen4 gun with a Gen3 model, and the gun then fired 300 trouble free rounds.  300 isn’t a lot, but it appears to be a step in the right direction.  This weekend, Todd will be out here in Gun Nuts Land teaching a Speed Kills/Get SOM class, and I’ll be there to report on the class…and on the Gen4 Glock.


  1. I think I have put a good 2k-3k rounds through my Gen4 17 and I haven’t had any problems with it yet

  2. Years ago Glock had a problem with extractors chipping and breaking due to bad heat treatment. Seems to be a problematic part for them. And a lot of other handguns too. Makes me appreciate the genius of the H&K P7. The extractor’s only really used for unloading manually. You can shoot it with the extractor completely removed.

  3. I had seen videos of someone comparing the performance of Gen 3 and Gen 4 9mm Glocks. The Gen 3 and earlier practically throw the brass into the next zip code. With the Gen 4, you could see the brass all just bobble out in the slow motion video. Actual stove pipes weren’t that frequent. But it was very obvious how close every round came to being one.

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