1. Those apps look great, but I have to agree with Mike. $5 is kind of steep. I’ll wait for them to come down a bit in price, then grab them.

    While we’re talking about the iPhone….
    Have you seen Gun Disassembly 3D?

    It’s my favorite “game” for the iPhone, and I have to give it props for spurring me on to learning more about how firearms work.

  2. I got to meet and shoot with Olav who wrote the iPhone apps, he’s a gun-guy who gets it, and also used to work at NeXT.
    Jeeze, if you already spent that much money on a freakin’ obsolete iPhone, what’s the big deal? You can get a Statbucks Mega-Mocha Triple Carmel Latte for about the same price I bet.

    1. Not complaining about the price in absolute terms, really, just saying that is the going market price for these kinds of utilities on iOS. Lots of them are ad-supported. I would honestly expect the author to make more cash selling it at $.99 than he does at $5.

      1. Also, it looks like a nice app, and I wish him many sales. I’m a software guy, too, so I do understand how hard it can be to set a price on your work.

        The app store is providing awesome opportunities for indie developers, but it has also brought prices of everything down to rock bottom.

        1. Stop developing Indies! Leave them in their pristine “natural” condition!

          This message brought to you by Anti Development People Everywhere.

  3. Thanks Caleb for the great review!

    Another interesting fact is that the data is kept up-to-date monthly so you know you always have the latest data right from the ATF!.

    Thanks DirtCrashr for the kudos!

  4. It’s a great app Olav – thanks for releasing it. Seriously, $5 is not even my coffee tab for one day. You can’t compare a specialist app like this to a 99 cent game which appeals to a much wider market.

    Also, I’ll point out Gun Spot is made in the USA whereas many of those 99 cent apps are not. 🙂

    1. Thanks Todd!

      Being a avid gun enthusiast myself, all my apps are based on a personal need and besides, it’s a lot of fun too!

      All the positive comments and people enjoying the current apps motivate me to create even more great apps to benefit gun enthusiasts and the overall community in general.

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