Gun Nuts tonight: Top Shot Elimination interviews

Join us tonight at 7pm Pacific time as we continue our Top Shot Elimination Interview series.  The show goes live at 7pm Pacific time at!  Don’t miss out – Gun Nuts Radio is the first destination for all the eliminated players from Top Shot Season 2.

If you haven’t seen last night’s episode of Top Shot, head over to and check it out.  Then join us live at 7pm tonight for Gun Nuts Radio!


  1. You know… I really hate to disrespect their expert, because he is 10x the actual marksman than I am when it comes to throwing a tomahawk, but when it comes to *teaching* people how to throw… I cringed several times watching the show today.

    I’ve taught five-year-olds to throw faster than it was going with the marksmen on there. He was throwing way too much at them – all you need for basic accuracy is a baseball throw with a straight wrist, and he’s got them worrying about driving nails and which leg they’re driving off of…

    It’s just interesting. I know he’s an excellent thrower, but teaching and doing are very different things.

    1. Just reread that comment and realized I came off as more of an ass that it sounded in my head. Would delete it if I could.

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