New Pistol-Training.Com endurance gun

The latest gun that Todd Green at Pistol-Training.Com is going to subject to his endurance test is the Gen4 Glock 17.  What makes this test different from previous PT-Endurance tests is that Glock isn’t sponsoring, approving of, or involved in the test in any way.  Todd bought the gun at a local Maryland gun shop (aside: I didn’t know they had those in Maryland) and will be testing it independently of any input from Glock.

My own experience with the Gen4 17s was not positive, so I’m eager to see how this one runs.


  1. If the first Glocks were “perfection” then why do they (or how do they?) keep “improving” them and coming out with new versions, isn’t perfection, well, perfection?

    Glock is the Microsoft of the gun world, every version is the “perfect” version, or at least until it’s improved on in the next “perfect” version!

    Give it Hell Dude!

  2. Maybe next he will run a stock 1911, something like a Para Ord.
    That wold end the debate once and for all…right?
    But then we would get into topics such as:
    the 1911 was from a different time when the life of a firearm was XXX number of rounds less.

    1. I love my 1911. But I can’t imagine it doing that well in one of his torture tests. Hell, I can’t even manage the 2000 round test of his. At around the 500 round mark (without cleaning) on my Springfield Operator, I’ll start getting failures to lock back on an empty magazine every 40 rounds or so.

      I will say that it runs like a champ as long as I clean it every 400 rounds.

  3. Caleb, what didn’t you like about the Gen4 Glock 17? What is your opnion of any previous generation of the Glock 17, if any?

    1. Don, I had an early T&E Gen4 17 that basically refused to run. The same ammo that choked that gun ran fine in a Gen3 RTF 17 however.

      I have to say, I really like the Gen3 guns with the RTF frame. If I were to take leave of my senses and start running a Glock, it would most certainly be a Gen3 RTF Glock 17.

      1. “I have to say, I really like the Gen3 guns with the RTF frame. If I were to take leave of my senses and start running a Glock…”

        Wait, I thought you hated 1911’s and not Glocks!

  4. I wish I could afford the ammo necessary to do a test like that with a new gun. Granted, I’ll be doing my best to abuse the FNX-9 I’m picking up today, at least for the first few thousand rounds.

  5. I did a torture test on my para ord 1911 a few weeks ago. I started getting malfs at 1/2 a case and the pistol was spotless and well-lubed before starting.

    I think I’m going to trade it in on either a SIG 1911 or a non-1911 .45 (maybe an FN or a CZ).

    1. hmm, I was thinkning of picking up a para during this the centenial of Gods gun.

      Although after the last torture test I am thinkning FN in .45 since you know they don’t make a .46

      1. Matt, if you’re looking for a 1911, I’d recommend the Colt XSE series of guns. They’re accurate, reliable, and not too pricey. We’re also in the process of reviewing the Sig 1911 TacOps, we’re going to get a couple thousand rounds through this gun in the next few weeks so check back for that as well.

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