Gun Nuts Radio with Eric Anderson

Here is last night’s interview with Eric Anderson of Top Shot Season 2.  Eric was a great guest, and was really a pleasure to talk to.  He really is a great example of the integrity and character that you’re seeing play out on Season 2 of Top Shot, and it was my pleasure to have him on the show.  Eric’s interview is also available in .mp3 and on iTunes by clicking the button below.

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Make sure you tune in next week to Gun Nuts Radio as our Top Shot Elimination interview series continues!

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  1. I wish you would obfuscate these posts for those of us who watch on Hulu. They don’t show up until 2 days later. I also happened to catch your tweets just before you did your show. All you have to say is that you are going to interview the latest ejectee from Top Shot and then I will know not to read any more until after I have seen the show.

    I am really enjoying your interviews, BTW!

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