USPSA Match video: Limited-10

Ah, the first match of the season.  This really was my season opener, despite it being the last match I’ll shoot in L10 and probably one of the last times I’m going to shoot my S&W M&P Pro for a while (more on that to come soon) but for now here’s my match footage, with one slight editing error in the first stage.  Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything cool, just me reloading in the mud.

The classifier was CM03-05: Paper Poppers. In the video, it’s stage 5. Shooting L10, my hit factor was 7.728, I had all 50 target points in 6.47 seconds. In L10, that hit factor would be good enough for a 77%, or “A” class rating. What’s interesting is that if I had declared Production, that same run would have been good for 91.65%, or USPSA Master class. Since I shot all the points, it’s one of the few times that a hit factor from L10 would correlate directly to a Production hit factor.

All in all this was a good start to the season. I won L10, didn’t have any no-shoots or mental errors, and I had 2 mikes. I need to work on a lot of stuff, especially my footwork. I’m not shooting soon enough when I hit boxes and positions, but that’s just something I have to practice.


  1. If you have a gun that hols 17 rounds and you’re already planning on shooting it limited why shoot it in L10 instead of just straight up limited?

    1. The M&P Pro in .40 only holds 15 rounds, which would actually put me at a pretty significant disadvantage when shooting against guns that hold 18-20 rounds. On a 32 round stage they’ll only have 1 reload and I’ll have two.

      I really believe that the modern .40 S&W polymer framed pistol is the hot ticket for building an L10 gun, and if I wasn’t about to make a really big platform switch that’s what I’d be shooting for the rest of the year.

      1. Ah. I didn’t realize it’s a 40. I shoot 9mm exclusively so I always assume everyone else is too unless they are shooting a 1911.

        I shoot production with a 9mm because I’m still so new to the sport that I don’t see the point in going to Limited or Open yet. I’m still shooting 30th out of 32 production shooters in the USPSA matches I go to and the other two are generally someone’s daughter they brought to a match for the first time so it’s quite humbling.

        When I shoot IDPA I’m around middle of the pack at my local club so I can’t tell if IDPA is just easier or if there’s just less competition at the IDPA matches.

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