1. “.45acp loaded with black”

    Heh, I was going to suggest my cast, 45ACP’s loaded with bunny fart Unique loads that grunge up a pistol FAST, but you got me beat. 😛

  2. I used to shoot IDPA, i was running close to 1000rds per week. I shoot a CZ75 in 9mm and not because CZs were cheap at that time. Because I loved the way CZs shoot and still do. I stopped counting at 20,000 rds. I never had any problems with the pistol. I did have a lot of trouble with white box Winchester from walmart. The cz75 is really a great little pistol!

  3. I think I will try this with my S&W 625 JM. I’m sure it’ll survive for 2,000 rounds. Only problem is I can’t bear to see it turn from stainless to blue. 😉

  4. My Springfield Operator sure won’t pass this. During a pistol class this weekend, it would get to the last 20 minutes or so and finally get dirty enough to not lock back on an empty mag once or twice. So mine passes the 500-600 round test.

    As for malfunctions while still cleaning it occasionally, I’m at 0 in over 2000 rounds now. Once I learned two important rules with 1911s, lots of lube, and make sure to actually work it in by manually cycling the slide, I haven’t had a failure to feed in a long time.

    Now I just need to get that Sig 1911 and migrate the Springfield to a backup gun. I likes me an external extractor, purists be damned.

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