The Boot Campaign

I love to see tough girls making amazing things happen for a good cause, and that’s exactly what the Boot Campaign is all about.  These 5 women from Texas started selling boots in order to raise money for their partner charities who help soldiers returning from combat with everything from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to providing clothing for the wounded.  This campaign has found support in everyone from Beretta to country singer Joe Nichols to the Rose Bowl.  Movements like this are an integral part of our industry and show the power we hold to do good.

I know this isn’t about guns, but it’s about raising money for soldiers and supporting a grass roots initiative started by a small group of women that has grown huge.  I would love to see them succeed in their goal of getting 1,000,000 pairs of boots sold, and don’t doubt that you will see me rocking a pair around West Coast Armory in the near future.


    1. I have seen this and don’t agree with the reasoning at all. Anyone who has worked on large marketing campaigns, which I have, knows that there is TREMENDOUS overhead to run any successful PR and marketing campaign. These women have managed to go from 5 Texan women to an army of country music stars – no small feat.
      20% is not a bad donation by any means, some charitable organizations will only donate 1 or 2%. This is higher than the average, at the very least.

      People enjoy having tangible objects that show their support: they will have more success selling boots than anyone would asking for direct donations. I still am unhesitant to support their cause.

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