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Yesterday I placed an order with the guy(s) at 4Wheelguns.com.  Along with some other products I’ve been putting off ordering, I finally picked up an ICORE Classic Division Speedloader holder, which holds 6 Safariland Comp-III speedloaders for your 6 shot K or L frame revolver.  For IDPA, ICORE, and Bianchi Cup I use a 686 SSR, which is an L-frame.  Unfortunately, the speedloader carrier I ordered was for K-frames, which I didn’t realize until AFTER I had submitted my order.  Whoops.

ICORE speedloader holder

I sent a panicked email to Bob at 4Wheelguns, and not 30 minutes later he had emailed me back, changing the order to the L-frame speedloader holder, and then shipping it out that same day.  Needless to say, I was impressed.  One of my big hangups is customer service; and yes while I was to blame for not checking the order correctly, it’s great to see a fast and efficient response from customer service.  What it does for me is create loyalty – I’ll recommend 4Wheelguns to my friends and fellow revo shooters because they took good care of me, and it doesn’t hurt that they have awesome products.  In addition to the ICORE gear, I also ordered another IDPA moonclip holder, and I finally took the plunge and ordered a CR Speed competition belt.

If you’re looking for revolver gear, whether it’s for ICORE, Steel Challenge, IDPA, or USPSA, I can honestly recommend the guys at 4Wheelguns.Com.  I received nothing for this post, this is an honest endorsement of a service that I pay for, and I’m really happy that there’s someone out there meeting the needs of competition shooter in the revolver universe.  I’m going to be running the ICORE rig at ICORE and USPSA matches (that’s right, scoring minor with speedloaders, bring it) and coupled with Big Red it’s going to be a pretty fast rig.


  1. Bob is one of the best suppliers I have ever done business with. I needed posts for my holders for moonclips turned down to fit, the job was handled expertly and quickly. The customer service is outstanding and the quality great. I can’t say enough good about him. If you are a revolver person, you need to consider his stuff.

  2. Don’t forget Bob’s North Mountain Moonclip Holder. It is the only way to go if you are running a moonclipped revolver in USPSA or ICORE.

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