IDPA Nationals shooter breakdown

I’m always interested to see which divisions are the most popular at IDPA Nats – this year IDPA saved me the trouble of having to add all that up by hand and posted the numbers on their website.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • Custom Defensive Pistol Total: 88 Shooters
  • Enhanced Service Pistol Total: 121 Shooters
  • Stock Service Pistol Total: 149 Shooters
  • Enhanced Service Revolver Total: 14 Shooters
  • Stock Service Revolver Total: 20 Shooters
  • Total Shooters: 392
  • Total Masters: 72
  • Total Experts: 100
  • Total Sharpshooters: 107
  • Total Marksmen: 113

392 is an awesome number.  I’m really happy that my shooting sport of choice is able to draw that kind of crowd.  As usual, SSP and ESP were the most populated divisions, bringing in an average of 135 shooters.  CDP was only 65% of the average of SSP/ESP, although it dwarfs my beloved revolver divisions considerably.  I’ve always found that to be an interesting statistic, because it’s been my anecdotal experience that at local and club level matches, CDP usually splits with SSP as the most popular division.  But that doesn’t repeat itself at the state and national match level, something I’ve always found curious.

  • CDP Breakdown: 14 MA, 22 EX, 31 SS, 21 MM
  • ESP Breakdown: 20 MA, 31 EX, 32 SS, 38 MM
  • SSP Breakdown: 30 MA, 37 EX, 35 SS, 47 MM
  • ESR Breakdown: 4 MA, 4 EX, 2 SS, 4 MM
  • SSR Breakdown: 4 MA, 6 EX, 7 SS, 3 MM

After the S&W Indoor Nationals in February, I’ll break that down as well!


  1. That makes me incredibly sad that even at nationals there are only 34 total revolver shooters.

      1. Oh, I shoot it. But at my local events (at least, back when we had local events, before a crooked local judge tried to put the range out of business) I’m the only guy shooting revolver, so it really hurts a lot of the competitive enjoyment aspect of it. I guess I was hoping that my local club’s ratios weren’t entirely representative.

        Oh well. At least we few revolver shooters still get to look cooler.

          1. That’s what I do a lot of the time. Although my old club in Indy had a decent revolver population, and the clubs here in Washington do as well.

          2. Oh, of course, but it’s nice to have something a little more direct to compare to.

            Especially in the scenarios where I end up spending 3x as much time reloading as I do shooting 🙂 I think there was one standard my first time out where it was 8 shot strings with a forced reload with retention in the middle… if I missed more than once or twice I was down to loading loose rounds out of an extra pocket 🙂

          3. 8 shot strings in an IDPA match? That’s hardly revolver neutral. That being said, with a revo it’s a lot easier to game out ways to not have to do silly-assed forced RWR.

  2. I look at Morgan Allen’s ESP gun, a STI 9MM 2011 thing and then “understand” ESP.

    10 in the mag? Check.
    Great trigger? Check.
    Cheaper to run? Check.
    Competitive overall match times for “Champion Division”? Check.

  3. It’s interesting to me how the differences between clubs shakes out. My local club is relatively small, with typical matches running about 20 shooters. Of those, there will usually be only about three shooting CDP, and almost all the rest are SSP. I shoot ESP and there are usually no more than a few of us, and more often I’m alone in that category. Price and availability of .45 ACP have a LOT to do with that. The price of a box of .45 is roughly the same as two boxes of 9mm.

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