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To the question that I asked in this post on what pet peeve of mine got kicked over by the video?  First I’ll tell you what it wasn’t.

  1. It wasn’t because it’s an airsoft knockoff of a Colt Python
  2. It wasn’t because they didn’t sweep up the powder in between takes.
  3. It wasn’t the hammy acting, which I found delightful.
  4. It wasn’t any of the hilarious theories suggested in the comments (I lol’d all weekend reading those)

No, it was that he shoots it single action.  I think one person guessed that.   A pet peeve is a pet peeve; I don’t even like it when Danny Glover’s character in Lethal Weapon shoots his Model 15 in DA mode.


  1. There is such a thing as artistic license (for cocking the revolver).

    I would have thought as a Gunsite grad that the sloppy gunhandling would have set you off?

  2. Handgun hunters usually cock the gun for long range shots. Even DA wheel guns.

    That part of the vid, while not the most legally sound tactic, was probable the most realistic part of the show.

  3. Firing the gun in single action makes sense in this case. Being unbending in your rules makes you less flexible and limits your capabilities. We’re talking about guns- so that’s dangerous. Had he fired in DA I would have thought it silly.

  4. They are using KWC/Cybergun made airsoft guns. It seems somone has been to a Dick’s

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