1. I sure like mine. I have a S&W NG that’s the same weight, and has so much muzzle flip I had to swap the grips just to be able to hang on to it when shooting .357s. The Rhino with .357s “thumps” like a semi-auto .45. Not something I ever expected to feel when shooting a magnum revolver. But I think it really shines with .38 +P. Still a reasonable amount of power, and barely any recoil worth mentioning. I will buy a 4″ or 5″ model when they are released.

    1. where did you happen to find yours and if you dont mind my asking how close did it get to MSRP? I am very interested in seeing of these in person

  2. Grant even has pictures and explanations of the guts of the Rhino at his blog.

  3. Do they plan on making a DAO version of this? Not that I immediately resent the idea of a DA/SA revolver, but it seems to me that more traditional system inside would be cheaper without having to worry about decocking after use. Still, love the idea of this thing!

  4. “Do they plan on making a DAO version of this? Not that I immediately resent the idea of a DA/SA revolver, ”

    Read Grand Cunningham’s blog posts about the Rhino. Per him, it’s insanely easy to make it DAO. But, you’ve still got with the “hammer”. It just doesn’t do anything (except be the rear sight).

    “The” first in depth report, or their first in depth report?

    I’m sort of interested, in a theoretical way (not like I have any money or anything). But, I’d like first to see 1)where the price ends up, 2)if they can get the DA trigger pull down, and 3)if it actually stays in production.

  5. It looks very neat, especially the longer barreled models in stainless.
    Displacing the barrel to reduce muzzle rise makes sense (they do it with the Kriss submachinegun), but the longer barrel models look like they would be way too bulky to carry.
    Wouldn’t the high sightline over the bore mess with close quarters shooting, (like an AR-15’s does to some people?)
    I wouldn’t mind having one just for the exotic design of it. Lots of people thought the H-1 Hummer was butt ugly, but it could perform like no other truck. This might be the H-1 of the handgun world. 🙂

  6. I actually think it looks kind of cool. Ugly cute, sort of, like a bulldog.

    But after reading some of the hands on reviews it just makes me sad that they couldn’t quite get it to be a nice gun. Summary of what I’ve read is:

    It’s really accurate for a 2″ snubby.
    It shoots much softer than a normal 2″ snub.
    It has a pretty awful double action trigger pull. That can’t really be fixed by a gunsmith.
    Cocking the hammer to the single action pull is *really* difficult.

    Makes me really hope they’ll sell enough to come out with a second edition model that fixes the trigger problems.

  7. “While the U.S. market has never shied away from “ugly” guns as long as they’re reliable, accurate and easy to shoot—just look at the success of Glock—”

    Did you hear the ‘slap’ on Glock’s face?

  8. I think it looks pretty damn cool but at that price it’d have to be as good as or better than a S&W and aside from the neat recoil characteristic this review makes it sound like it isn’t.

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