IDPA this weekend

Looking to shoot some IDPA this weekend?  Come on up to Norpoint Shooting Center in the Smokey Point area for their monthly IDPA match!  Details are here, this is a sanctioned club level match so you’ll need a concealment garment and 100 rounds of ammo to be on the safe side.  I’ll be there shooting the match, and we’re going to have an announcement about a special class that we’re looking to put together for January.  Shooters at Norpoint’s match will get first crack at sign ups for the class!


  1. Caleb. When you use the SR9c in IDPA competition do you use the extended magazines with collars, the short mags with finger extender, or the short mag with no extender? I can see advantages and disadvantages to the first two options, but am not to keen on the short mag without the finger extender.

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