Colt Match Target Rifle

The main rifle that I shot while I was at Gunsite a couple of weeks ago was the Colt Match Target rifle.  The Match Target comes in a variety of flavors, the one I shot is the Match Target M4, the model number is MT6400R.  The MT M4 comes from the factory with the following features:

  • 16 inch barrel
  • flat top monolithic upper
  • pinned compensator (although future models will lose this feature)
  • fixed M4 style stock (which can be unpinned and changed to a collapsible stock)

The gun had an excellent trigger, and was generally quite pleasant to shoot.  One thing I noticed was the compensator was really effective in rapid shots, despite the relative light weight of the rifle.  Here’s the Colt Match Target in action at Gunsite – in the video, one of the guys from Crimson Trace is running the rifle with the iron sights flipped down, using only the new green AR laser that Crimson Trace.  The laser was easily visible even in broad daylight.

Colt is very serious about getting back in to the civilian market in a big way. You’ll soon see their rifles that used to only be available to Colt Defense made available to the general public and distributors again, which I think is a huge step in the right direction. The Match Target is currently available, and I personally liked the one I ran that I’ll definitely be buying one from Colt.

Also, check out friends at Crimson Trace for more info on the MVF-515 in green.


    1. At Gunsite when I used it, we had a variety of Trijicon optics available. I’m a big fan of the 1.5 power ACOG, aka the little ACOG that could.

  1. I’m fortunate to know a wide variety of people that are well trained shooters and gunfighters. When it comes to suggestions for a carbine that will last, Colt is always brought up, with only a couple other brands getting mentions. Odds are that when a shooter invests in a Colt, his gun will run and run and run and run. And then run some more.

  2. Years ago, Colt made a deal with the devil (the Clinton administration) to stop producing handguns for the civilian market in exchange for being dropped from the nuisance lawsuits brought by the litigious liberal left that wanted to litigate what it could not legislate. Colt thought this was the only way it could stay in business. I have little sympathy for a company that sells out for political reasons. I will never ever buy or touch a Colt firearm, no matter how great of a product they put out.

    1. Everyone knows about S&W’s deal with the Clinton administration – I haven’t seen a shred of evidence that Colt made a deal with them.

      As an aside boycotting either company for a decision made 10 years ago under different management is ridiculous. The fact is that they’re trying to get back in to the civilian market in a serious way, and regardless of their prior decisions it’s good for the industry to have a strong Colt brand.

      1. Don’t remind me about S&W selling us all out.
        I still refuse to buy any of their products because of that.

        Perhaps someday, but not yet, they were the only spineless company to kiss Clinton’s ass. I cannot forgive that, not yet……

  3. Search for this string Caleb:

    “We have had to face the harsh reality of the significant impact which our litigation defense costs are having on our ability to operate competitively in the marketplace.”

    Funny how just as Colt is dropping it’s civilian line of handguns the justice department and cities dropped Colt from their lawsuits. Interesting that Colt decides to exit the consumer market just at sales start to take off. Colt’s decision to retreat from these lawsuits is just what the lawsuit aimed to do, sue a company out of the civilian market.

      1. I did finally find that info, but here’s the issue – Colt didn’t cut a deal with the Clinton administration. The lawsuit had been filed by the city of Cincinnati, and Colt cut their handgun production and increased prices as a reaction to the prodigious legal costs not because they made a deal with the devil.

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