Sig E2 Promotion

Do you have a Sig Sauer P226 or P229?  Sig is now offering a special promotion to upgrade your existing Sig 226 or 229 to the new E2 enhanced grip for only $99.  Also, if you’d like to upgrade your pistol with Sig’s SRT (Short Reset Trigger) that can be done for an additional $49.  So for less than $150, you can have your Sig P226 upgraded to the new ergonomic grip and have one of the best DA triggers on the market put in the gun.

Sig is only accepting orders for the upgrade via the phone, so you’ll need to call their customer service line at (603) 772-2302 to set up getting your gun shipped to them for the custom work.  I’ve not personally shot one of the E2 guns, but just holding one at NRAAM 2010 made me want to head out and buy one; so being able to upgrade an existing gun is actually a pretty good deal.


  1. I love Sigs but the grip has always been a bit bulky for me. The E2 improved that but the cost makes me hesitate, but this makes me want to find a nice 226 or 229 used somewhere on the cheap and send it in for the upgrades.

  2. I have shot an upgraded gun. Highly recommend it.

    The grip makes the gun point much better (for me at least), and the short reset trigger is a noticeable improvement.

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