This is the newest rifle from Colt – you get five seconds of video to whet your appetite for next week when we can really dive in to this gun.

Suffice to say, this thing is awesome.  You don’t often get to see real innovation in the firearms industry, but Colt has done something amazing with this rifle. You’ll have to check out Gun Nuts next week for more on Colt’s BIG TIME rifle.


  1. Hmm so far, from the exterior it just looks like an AR-15. If it’s just an AR with a pistol then color me disappoint.

  2. A bit off-topic..it’d be nice if Colt would do a true pre-ban style AR. I want their A2 setup..but I don’t see a bayonet lug..and don’t think the barrel is threaded.
    It would also be nice if they stopped using proprietary pins, too. lol

  3. On-topic..on HD on fullscreen it looks like the rail foregrip area and the upper are one piece..and it looks like to finished in some kind of tigerstripe/hunting camouflage…soo…piston hunting AR?

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