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Several of the writers here at Gunsite also publish online, which means there is a multitude of material I can get you to show you some of the fun stuff we’ve been doing.

Jim Shepherd shares his thoughts on Colt’s resurgence in to the civilian gun market, as well as a great picture of someone you may know.

Richard Mann has some great thoughts on why it’s important to practice, as well as a pretty funny picture.

Michael Bane talks about the Colt Match Target M4 andthe Colt XSE Rail Gun we’ve been shooting.

Just sitting in the room with all these writers and shooters is a tremendous experience.  Add to that the industry professionals that craft the guns that you and I depend to defend our lives, win matches, or take that big trophy and you have an incredible environment.  The people in that room have probably expended a combined total of millions of rounds of ammo; you can learn a lot from those people.  Sitting there, I had a moment where I looked around and thought to myself “I can’t believe this is my job.”

Gunsite was, as always a fantastic experience.  Look for a write-up on the training in an upcoming issue of US Concealed Carry Magazine; also next week you’re going to see a lot of good stuff that’s come out of this trip including more from Colt on their AR15 rifle that’s legal in 49 out of 50 states!


  1. So what exactly is your job now? You’ve gone from insurance agent, to reality TV star, to working for the NRA campaigning, to apparently getting paid to go play. Is this latest thing NRA related still, or have you moved on yet again?

  2. “AR15 rifle that’s legal in 49 out of 50 states!”

    Let me Guess, Kalifukinornia? The ‘please remove your rights at the border’ state?

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