1. I did that earlier this year. I realized that the PF9 wasn’t much bigger than the P3AT, carried more rounds that also happened to be more powerful AND cheaper, and cost about the same

  2. As somebody who carries a .38 J-Frame without issue whenever I can’t carry a full-size .45, I’ve never got the itty-bitty micro .380s. Less power, and difficult to find ammo, and the modern 9mm counterparts are only slightly larger…and when dealing with older .380s like the PPK, a 9mm gun might actually be SMALLER.

    And on the small side, I’m left scratching my head. If I conceal a J-Frame so well, why would I want the loss of ergonomics and recoil control of a gun that’s EVEN SMALLER?

    Hell I’m going the OTHER way, as soon as I can I’m buying a Kahr PM45, its only a hair bigger and heavier than my S&W642, and packs 5+1 rounds of .45 ACP? SOLD!

    I’d have one in my pocket RIGHT NOW if it wasn’t for Massachusetts stupid gun laws!

  3. I mostly carry a 1911, but also have a Interarms Star 380, which is essentially a shrunken 1911 so it still feels familiar even if smaller.
    Also have a little 25ACP with an external hammer that I can carry safely with the hammer down over a chambered round, great pocket gun as it is tiny and weighs almost nothing. I carry it filled with glasers, which is barely minimum protection in my book but at least it isn’t completely unarmed.

  4. While I get what Bane is saying, I have to say that I think the push will be to 9mm guns that already exist, and not to a new breed of Kel-Tec PF9 knock offs. I personally dont believe that this new breed (which he says are mostly a younger and female demographic) will be wanting a pocket gun that is slightly heavier and larger then their already light and easy to carry pocket rocket. I also dont believe that many women shooters/new shooters are going to like the stout recoil that comes with those light weight 9s.

    I think that they may definitely want to step up to a larger gun (for either CCW or home defense), but it will be to a full size or compact (maybe sub-compact) guns. Yes, it will probably be in 9mm because thats the least intimidating cartridge to new shooters….. so consequentially, the big boom in the industry will be felt in 9mm ammo, and not new 9mm guns.

  5. I evenully traded for a Kel-Tec P-11…..and LOVE it 11 rounds of JHP and light weight, shoots great!…..sure I want a Kimber Ultra Carry…but $250 versus $1200….hmmm you do the math!!!

  6. Ihave a fetish for ruger hand guns.I have carried a sp101 in .357 for a while love it.But recently a sr9c caught my eye and rest is history love it,wife likes it to better than her p85 that is used as house gun!!

  7. Little guns are just unpleasant to shoot. I’m sure they’ll sell to people who carry and not train, but a lot of them will end up on the secondary market from people who don’t want to carry without being trained and proficient, because they’re nasty to train with.

    Kinda depends on how the carry gun is chosen. I carry the gun I want to have if I have to have a gun. Yes, that sucks. Yes, its inconvenient and uncomfortable, but if I gotta get in a gun fight someplace I don’t want to that isn’t a few yards away, I don’t want to have a little pocket gun because it was easier to carry and harder to shoot.

    I know not everybody thinks that way, but I’ve arranged my wardrobe around carrying and still wore shorts and t-shirts all summer, carrying either a Glock 19 or a 1911.

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