1. Build your 1911s with care. Well know manufactures routinely put plasic backstraps and even fiber triggers on their 1911s. Beware…

    1. Never known any 1911s with “backstraps”, but it is true that both Colt and Kimber use plastic mainspring housings on their pistols. It’s not really a big deal from a function standpoint, as the part is not really under any stress, but if it bugs you, it’s easy enough to replace.

      As far as “fiber” triggers goes, again, what’s the problem? Have you ever seen one break? STI’s polycarbonate-and-titanium trigger, adjustable for both takeup and overtravel, is one of the best 1911 triggers on the market (there’s on in the ’66 Colt on my hip as I type this), and “polycarbonate” is just a fancy word for “plastic”.

      1. That’s fixed easily enough, although you’re still stuck with Marko’s gravatar.

        And I have no problem with plastic parts, my carry gun is full of them.

  2. Weren’t the original GI grips made from a kind of plastic? At least in WWII they were. As much as I love my 1911s one thing I am envious for every day carry is the lighter weight of the polymer pistols. Anyone tried one of the polymer framed 1911s out there?

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