1. You need to go to some sort of a 12 step program ,for if you could own every gun you wanted there would be no empty space in your home for your bed or even a TV. Fortunately there are a couple of excellent cures for this illness one is called insufficient funds and the other is called Wife.

  2. The .17 HMR is fine. The problem it had was all these manufacturers just rechambered their rifles from .22 Mag and expected them to work…wrong. And now the .17 has a bad rap because of recall’s associated with it. The .17 HMR is a great small varmint round, especially in bolt guns. I can’t see any problems with a lever either.

  3. I want one too.
    As much as I love large, slow moving slugs…I love tiny, mind-boggingly fast moving things even more.

  4. Oh btw..I have a Henry in .22LR and it is an absurdly well made gun.
    It may not be the prettiest..or the most accurate..but you’d be hard pressed to find something that just works that damn well for the price.

    Plus..for those of us out there that like buying American whenever possible..literally EVERY LITTLE THING on their rifles are made in America..from american materials. Even the screws.

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