1. I got a chance to shoot at full-auto .22 AR with a Gem-Tech silencer on it at the Scottsdale Gun Club last year, right before the NRA convention.

    Wow. Unbelievably fun. Just stupendous. It looked, sounded and felt JUST like that carnival game where you have to shoot out the star in order to win a prize.

  2. “Yes please.”

    Bzzzt! You are in WA; no Title II for you.

    Bad blogger, no fun stuff in Ecotopia! However, you do have shiny vampires and werewolves that cannot afford shirts.

    Well, maybe after the elections in WA you can have, but not until then!

  3. As Shootin Buddy already said you’re pretty much SOL where you are at for one of those (for that matter so am I *cries*). HOWEVER, if you really wished to get a 15-22 dressed up to look like what you see in the picture there you can get a barrel sleeve, along with a15-22 MOE, and get pretty close. You can see some pretty nice ones at the S&W forums here: http://smith-wessonforum.com/smith-wesson-m-p-15-22/

    Now, if only I could afford to take my baby out for a spin *shakes fist at Kalifornia taxes…*.

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