Travel to neat places and meet interesting people

One of the perks of my job is that I get to spend a lot of time meeting gun owners and talking to them.  One of the gun owners I got to spend some time with this weekend was none other than Mr. Completely, the blogger, NRA activist, Steel Challenge champion shooter, and host of the super popular Gun Blogger Rendezvous.  He came by to help with the open house event I was doing at Norpoint Tactical Training Center in Arlington, WA and when we weren’t talking to people about the upcoming election we had a great time talking about Steel Challenge and how to grow one of the better shooting sports out there.

There really isn’t anything better than actually talking to the people that are responsible for buying the guns, going to the range, and doing the casual plinking and purchasing that supports so much of our sport.  Mix that in with the opportunity to meet great guys like Mr. Completely, and is it any wonder I love my job?  Also, speaking of my job – if you’re a resident of Washington and want to get involved in the 2010 midterm Election, head over to NRA Washington 2010’s Facebook page and hit “Like” receive updates and event info.


  1. Oh wow! You’re shorter than Mr. C! 😉

    This weekend I’m planning on (finally) participating in the monthly Fun Steel match at KRRC. I watched Mr. Completely shoot a couple of months back, it was pretty incredible.

  2. You going to Gun Blogger Rendezvous now that you’re in that neck of the woods?

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