Please don't do that

Let’s say, hypothetically that you’re at an indoor range trying to iron out some kinks in your pistol’s magazines.  Further, you’re next to a couple of guys who haven’t exactly impressed you with their attention to detail.  Just by chance, you notice a really long revolver barrel protruding from the booth next to you, wearing an additional inch-long compensator/muzzle brake that looks suspiciously like the comp/muzzle brake on an S&W .500 Magnum.  Said comp and muzzle brake is shortly accompanied by the expected muzzle flash and concussive thud that makes your eyes water.

Thanks guys.

On the bright side, I think I finally figured out how to solve the weird magazine issue I’d been having, so I’ll take a positive balanced with a negative.


  1. Hey, sometimes you just gotta shoot. Every time I go to the range with my Mosin Nagant, people comment on how loud it is. Still, I take a bench as far away from everyone as possible, and I’d never shoot it indoors (it would probably break the lights, anyway).

  2. I remember my father and I went to the outdoor range and, lo and behold, a guy with an AR-50 sets up cam on the table right next to us.
    He was nice enough to warn us each time he was going to fire so we could GTFO. It was insane..the concussion and airblast knocked crap off of our table.
    He was eventually nice enough to give me a shot at which I couldn’t refuse.

  3. People certainly did not appreciate my SOCOM II at indoor ranges… I can only imagine what half an inch of powder headed out of an absurdly short barrel sounds like.

  4. Dude, this may come as a shock, but sometimes, when you’re at a shooting range, people shoot. 😉

    1. You know, funny you should mention that. This post, the post at your place about “Having fun” and Oleg’s post where I’m blasting the PMR-30 reminded me that people sometimes shoot guns for reasons other than training for self defense or competition. I guess I’ve gotten a little scope-locked in my particular niche of the shooting sports lately.

  5. It’s like being at an indoor range, working on your groups, and the next lane over is occupied by a young man preening for his female by shooting off the burst-fire AR-15 said range has available for rent.

    The good news is, I got in some good stress-fire practice that day…

  6. Most of my firearms are just “fun guns”.
    Pretty much all of my rifles are..and all but 2 of my handguns are.
    So..8 out of 10 firearms are “fun guns”.

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