Ticking towards 1000

We’re 11 days in to the month of August, and it’s time to check the progress of the 1000 round challenge!  A while back I challenged readers to shoot and log 1000 rounds of ammo this month through their competition or carry gun.  Not doing mag dumps into the berm at 3 yards, but actual training and practicing a skill.  Here’s where I’m at for August:

  • 46 rounds – Indoor IDPA Match.  This match was a total disaster for me, as I hadn’t shot since the USPSA Section match.  I couldn’t get in to the groove and didn’t perform up to my standards.
  • 124 rounds – accuracy practice.  Detailed immediately below this post, I shot a “drill” that was designed specifically to get me to focus on the front sight and trigger control.  After the mess in the last match, I needed this to get re-focused.
  • 100 rounds – 2-RWR-2 drill.  My favorite IDPA drill for teaching the reload with retention.  Each string of fire is 4 shots, fire two, reload with retention, fire two more.  My IDPA strategy is to shoot IDPA like I’d shoot USPSA, which means reload in logical places for reloads, and that means RWR a lot of the time.  So far it’s been pretty successful.

My monthly total is only 270, so I’m behind just a little bit.  I’ll get caught up soon and should hit the 1000 round marker with ease before August is over.

How are you doing?


  1. I’ve been keeping track of my CZ ever since I bought it and I’ve logged 960 rounds since Memorial Day. I’m trying to shoot it more. I have a USPSA match this sunday and then an IDPA match on the following saturday.

  2. Aug: 1030 rounds of .45 Auto over 2 days of Combat Focus Shooting class with my XD.

  3. What are you all using to track your rounds? Just some pencil and paper in the range bag?

  4. Hmm, not doing so well. I got my P239 about the beginning of the month, but I’m betting I’ve only got 150 rounds through it. Tonight was supposed to be a range night but the wife made dinner. Maybe tomorrow.

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