Gun Nuts Tonight!

We will have a show tonight!  At 9pm Eastern time we’ll be live for the first time in 2 weeks as we work around my crazy work schedule.  Join me at for a discussion on when to clean guns, the use of the phrase “shoot to kill”, and other topics as they come up!

That’s tonight at 9pm Eastern time, live at – be there!


  1. This is the first time I have listened to you live, now that you are here in the NW! I tried to setup an account as I was listening but something happened and I lost ya. By the time I got back on you were almost done. Next week I’ll see if I can’t get the chat working and join in. I’ll have to go back and listen to the whole show and see what I missed.

    See ya next week…

  2. Yes, I get from iTunes, but tonight I saw that you were doing it at 6:00 our time so I tried to get on and setup on the blog site… I’ll try to join ya next week.

    How is the quest…? Did you get any shots data recorded?

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