Ruger SR9c LaserGuard now shipping

Crimson Trace, the leader in laser sight products for civilian, law enforcement, and military use is now shipping the LaserGuard for the Ruger SR9 Compact.  Like the lasers produced for the Ruger LCP and the sub-compact Glocks, the LaserGuard mounts to the front of the pistol, but still retains Crimson Trace’s intuitive activation.  With main switch in the on position, gripping the pistol will activate the laser and place the red dot on your desired target.

The design of the LG-449 follows the sweeping lines of the SR9c to produce an appealing accessory that looks natural to the pistol itself. The same texture pattern on the frame of the pistol is carried over to the texture of the LG-449 making the combination of the superb handgun and laser aiming device seamless and unobtrusive.

For those that have been following the Quest for Master Class and the shooting I’ve been doing with the Ruger SR9c, you’ll know that I definitely endorse it as a carry gun, and the addition of a LaserGuard from Crimson Trace will round out the package to make it a top flight defensive weapon.

Disclosure: I have in the past received lasers and other promotional items from Crimson Trace.  That doesn’t change the fact that I’d buy their stuff regardless of how awesome they’ve been to the blogging community.


  1. Don’t you think it would be safer for the Ruger SR9c Laser to have a thumb switch that needs to be manipulated BEFORE the laser goes on?

    I’m trying to think of a laser version of a Magazine disconnect while I’m at it, but even that kind of stupid is hard to shoe-horn into non-gun things….

  2. How the lasers work is they have a “hard” on/off switch. With that switch in the off position, pressing the activation pad won’t do anything. With the hard switch “on”, gripping the pistol and the activation pad will activate the laser.

    I’ve messed around with my lasers enough that even with the hard switch on, I can grip and fire the pistol without activating the laser. However, if I’m yanking it out of a concealment holster at 9pm while walking back to my car, the last thing I want is to have to waste a motion and activate the laser. Grab gun, laser comes on.

  3. I bought a Kimber Custom Crimson Carry ll about a year ago ( got a deal I couldn’t refuse ) it was the first Kimber and the first laser I have ever had . On about my 3rd trip to the range I managed to bust the laser. I called the company and they gave me a return # and I sent them the laser grips and a note stating that I was pretty sure it was my fault,the crimson trace company sent them back in 2 weeks all better and NO Charge ,it seems they have a 3 year warranty , what a great company and I will never be without a Crimson trace laser grip again ,I love them.
    Fantastic product and a Fantastic company.

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