We're winning

In last night’s Top Shot (available on Hulu) when Colby talks about the HK93 he didn’t call it an assault rifle, or a military rifle, or any of the terms you see the media slipping in to demonize these weapons.  What did he call it?  A semi-automatic sporting rifle.  Word for word.  Don’t believe me?  Check it out on Hulu right around 19:51.

This is what’s good for the shooting sports about Top Shot.  We’re winning hearts and changing the dialog on firearms with shows like this.


  1. That right there goes to prove that Colby is a shooter and not just a hollywood talking head.

  2. In fact, Colby is a shooter and a hunter. While he’s definitely not quite the level of the cast of the show, he’s definitely not some anti-gun hollywood weenie.

  3. I personally prefer Self-Loading Rifle, short, descriptive and accurate, and gets rid of that awkward Semi-Auto part that so many gun tech ignorant people think means a machine gun or can be easily converted to fully automatic fire.

  4. I’m still surprised a show like Top Shot is shown on History Channel. The whole Discovery network has a tendency to sometimes be pro-gun (tales of the gun/wild west tech, I miss that show) but then be overly anti-gun (gangland)..sometimes in the same day.

  5. @ Linoge,
    I was going to post that but you beat me to it. Was it an AR15 or an M16 I can’t remember, I thought it was a 16.

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