Gun Nuts Radio: The Hiatus continues

I hate doing this, I really do – for those that are wondering, I’ve taken a new job in Washington State which is going to be consuming a significant amount of my time and energy, however I’m hopeful that by next week things will have settled down to a much more reasonable pace where we’ll be able to start airing new episodes again.

Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be one of those “go on hiatus for two months then say we’re shutting down” ala so many other blogs and podcasts, it’s more an issue of real life being rather intrusive on my ability to run Gun Nuts Radio.  However, GunNuts.Net will continue, and we’ll also be seeing a new episode of the Quest for Master Class next week!  In the meantime, check out this archived episode featuring Todd Jarrett and Ben Stoeger.


  1. My first job was for a custom house broker in Seattle on the waterfront. I think the only reason I got hired was because I had red hair, was six foot in heals and could swear in both Norwegian and Gaelic.

    Best to you and I’ll talk to you soon. If you want big bro’s phone number to help with any moving give me a hollar.

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