Silly Guns that I want

The STI Texican.  I know, I know.  What do I need a single action revolver with a 5.5 inch barrel that costs a cool thousand bucks?  I don’t…but I love single action revolvers.  And hey, it’s an STI.  How many people can say that they own an STI in .45…and that it’s a revolver?  I wonder if you could con STI in to allowing SASS matches for their contingency program and shoot one of these at a major SASS or Western 3-Gun match.  Because you have to admit, it’s pretty cool.

Like I said though, I don’t have any logical reason to want one, since I don’t shoot cowboy stuff these days, and laying out $2000 (which is what it would take to get enough of these to shoot SASS) seems like an insane idea, but at the same time if you want pretty much the top of the line in single action revolvers, this would be your answer right here.


  1. Shinny!
    Love the color case hardened finish and bluing.
    Are the grips gutta-percha? Hard rubber? At $1K they better not be plastic.

  2. I haven’t handled the Texican, but from what I hear, the USFA SAA is still the best out there.

    I like the OM Ruger Vaquero myself, just because it fits my hands better and will outlast dirt, oh, and at less than half the price, you’ve got enough for a rifle or REALLY fancy leather rig to go play in CAS.

  3. I wonder what Denny thinks about it….. that’d be the expert in cowboy shooting…

  4. From what I hear STI’s source for these is a bit behind, making these hard to come by these days. This and the GP6 are I believe the only two guns that STI doesn’t make in-house in Texas.

    The Texican sure is nice though.

  5. They also don’t “make” the STI Spartan in house, sort of. The guns are assembled in the Philippines and then given STI’s QC here in the states.

  6. True, I’d forgotten about the Spartan.

    I had the pleasure to meet the new president of STI, Tim Dillon (formerly of Brownell’s and Springfield) a couple of weeks ago. He and a couple of his senior guys came and spoke at our rifle club meeting. I’m real interested in seeing where Tim takes the company over the next few years.

  7. I know they don’t make the GP6 in house, but if they can lean on their supplier to make on in .40 I would buy SEVEN.

    Just sayin’. If you see him again. HINT. HINT.

  8. Silly gun I want:
    Rossi Ranch Hand. I’m a lever-action nut and I just love the idea.

    And for the record I saw the link to this page in your American Rifleman Insider interview..yes..I’m a fan of the show, lol.

  9. “no-crack” polymer?
    Oh well, I’d replace them with wood or stag … If I had the money to buy it in the first place. And that’s why lotteries always sell tickets.
    Guess I’m stuck with my NM Vaquero and SAA clone. I see a range trip in my immediate future.

  10. I want that Mares leg pretty bad too…..
    It’d make for a nice tractor gun when I don’t want to take one of the Saigas

  11. Nick, you wouldn’t be in the market for a Winchester 94AE “Wrangler” (the large loop lever version) in 30-30, would you? I’m going to part with one in the very near future.

  12. Eagle, I’ve been unemployed for over a year and a half now..sadly I’m not in the market for anything. 🙁

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