Indiana USPSA Section Championship, 2010

The State championship is this weekend!  I am super excited for this match because we’re going to get an opportunity to really wring the Ruger SR9c out under some extreme match conditions.  The sad news is that I had to change squads – a work commitment has me flying on Sunday now, so I’ll be shooting the match all day Saturday.  The stages are available here for shooters to take a look at before heading out to the match.

Personally, I’m excited.  Despite the fact that I’m shooting in Limited-10 and only making Minor PF, I’m looking forward to a little good old fashioned run and gun.  I’ve got a stack of magazines, lots of 147 grain FMJ, and I’m ready to get some shooting done.  I’ll be interested to see how the Ruger SR9c, which has held up very well under practice conditions withstands the rigors of a major match with a high round count.  I’ll be taking video from the match and we’ll have an episode of the Quest for Master Class produced around the match!  It should be a great match, and hopefully I’ll be able to make minor out of my 3.5 inch gun…wouldn’t want to shoot it and not have the score count.