I have so much trouble with that

Ex. 20:17 – Thou shalt not covet..

Covet, verb: to desire wrongfully

I was at Beech Grove Firearms yesterday to pick up the Rugers and the Sig Sauer for the HAVA Charity Auction.  While there, I noticed a P220 in the case, which I have an irrational attraction to, but have always resisted because it’s a .45 and I need another .45 ACP like I need a hole in my head.

This one was a 9mm.   And like the gun in the picture from Guns.Ru, it had the American style magazine release, not that idiotic heel-type release.  PLUS it even had a reasonable price tag…and a spare magazine.

Needless to say, the 10th Commandment fell by the wayside on that one; in fact the only thing that kept me from walking out of there with a Sig P220 9mm was the potential wrath of my wife.

That and I had already done a NICS check for three other guns and I really don’t want a visit from the feds.  But still, a full size Sig with the aluminum frame in 9mm…do want.


  1. When I bought my P220, the P220R had just come out. I had no desire for the rail, but I acted disappointed that they only had “last year’s clearly inferior model” available and talked them down to $600. 😀

    As for your situation, I would have just gone ahead and incurred the wife’s wrath. The 9mm with American mag release is one of my Holy Grails of guns.

  2. I don’t know a lot about Sigs. I thought they had tons of guns in 9mm with the American Mag release?

  3. Very cool. You don’t see too many 9mm P220’s with the American mag release.

    Too bad you didn’t walk home with it.

  4. Jesse, the Sig is cool because most of the full size 9mm Sigs on the market are the P226, which are double stack guns. The P220 is a single stack gun and is infinitely sexier, as such.

  5. If you want a 9mm single stack Sig, I heartily recommend one of the P6 imports. Most have the US mag release, though a few I’ve seen have the euro type. I have one that is quite honestly the best shooting semi-auto I own. I bought it for a hair under $300 and have nearly quadrupled that price tag in accessories and a refinish from Robar. I plan on getting a suppressor for it in the near future and I think I’ll stop there.

    The only real issue is mag pricing which is $43 for a new factory mag.

  6. …the potential wrath of my wife.

    Pretty much the prime reason I do not have significantly more hardware than I do, right there.

  7. This is why you sometimes put a gun on layaway.

    Give ’em the down payment and lock up the deal. Pay it off and pick it up a month or two from now.

    No NICS flag, and maybe (?) less flak on the homefront.

    Hope it’s still there for you!

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  8. You know.

    That would be a GREAT gun for Bianchi Cup Production division. After the quest for master class is over, I’m going to try and break 1900 at Bianchi Cup. That could take YEARS though.

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