Area 5 Championships this weekend!

USPSA has sent a press release out about the upcoming Area 5 Championships this weekend:

Upwards of 340 of the region’s best pistol shooters in the sport of Practical Shooting will put more than 100,000 rounds will be put downrange during the three day handgun shooting championship.

That is a LOT of shooters and a lot of bullets going downrange, and I’ll be there to cover it!  I’m shooting Saturday and Sunday with Team Indiana – a group of Indiana’s dedicated USPSA shooters.  This is my second to last match with a roundgun before the Quest for Master Class begins, so I’m looking to do well compared to the rest of the field.  There are 14 revolver shooters, at least one of whom is a Grandmaster and there are also a couple of Masters.  I’m unclassified in USPSA, but when I’m on my ballgame I’m a mid-to-high A-class roughly with a wheelgun.  After my disappointing finish at the Indiana Prod/SS/Revo match, I’m hoping to finish in the Top 7 shooters at the Area 5 match, but we’ll see what happens!

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