Top Shot mail

From reader Timmah1: Hey Caleb,  I saw your bio vid on History’s website (link here – ed) and I was wondering what video that was of you for your audition?  Did you film that before you tried out?

The bio video, linked above does show a clip from my audition video, which was filmed at Atlanta Conservation Club in Atlanta, Indiana.  This is the whole video, it’s only 6 seconds long of me shooting an El Pres with a Springfield XD(m).

Also, if you have more questions about Top Shot, check out Gun Nuts Radio at tonight at 9pm Eastern where we’ll be doing a Q&A on the show with me!


  1. Not going to be able to make the show as I’ll be shooting an IDPA match over at Phoenix Rod+Gun Club at that hour, but there is some chatter on some of the boards about the condition of Mike’s rifle in the competition and any effect that had on his abysmal performance. Your thoughts on what you were handed to shoot and how the two teams approached that competition differently would clear some of that up, I think.

  2. I watched the first episode…those guys suck! I’ve never seen such a bunch of no-ability having people.

    1. Skeeter – yes, clearly the 4 USPSA Grandmasters, the IDPA Master, the champion high power rifle shooter, Marine Sniper, etc are a bunch of talentless hacks.

      It’s easy to tell people how much they suck from the safety of your keyboard. You never have to actually back up your statements. The people on the show however made the decision to put their skills on the line in front of 2 million people, and that takes guts – guts that you clearly don’t have.

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