Comp-Tac Deluxe Pro Competition Kit

This is a great idea from Comp-Tac – it’s a kit that has everything you need from a belt/holster/mag holder standpoint to start shooting IDPA right out of the box.  The Comp-Tac Deluxe Pro Competition Kit comes with everything you see in the image (except for the gun and actual magazines), so right out of the door you’re getting a range reader holster, double magazine pouch, and one of Comp-Tac’s kydex reinforced belts.  Purchased separately, the gear here would cost almost $200, but if you buy the package it all comes for $175.

This is the rig I’m going to be using for the Quest for Master Class series as well.  Since the goal of the series is to use guns and gear that might be reasonably purchased by an IDPA newbie, this combination seems like a logical fit for that.  And because I want to keep the series “pure”, I’ll be buying this rig with my own hard earned cash-money.  I have high expectations though, as Comp-Tac comes highly recommended by everyone I know that uses their gear!

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