Ruger SR40 coming?

Rumors rumors everywhere about Ruger offering their popular SR9 pistol in .40 S&W format.  The .40 S&W is obviously one of the most popular cartridges out there, and the Ruger SR9 has done very well at retail (Gen1 Ruger SR9 pictured at right) so it makes sense that Ruger would offer the gun in .40 S&W.

The other thing I’d like to see would be a longslide verison – ala the M&P Pro series or the Glock 34, but while Ruger has come a long way in recent years towards making modern firearms, I don’t expect them to run in to the loving embrace of competition shooters just yet.  However, there are people turning in good results with Ruger SR9s on the IDPA circuit; now that they’ve been out for a while you’re starting to see guns with 10-20,000 rounds on the frame and they’re still running very well.  I was hesitant on the SR9 when it was first introduced, but seeing numbers like that makes me feel better about it – and makes me want a .40.


  1. Ah, but if teh magazine disconnect is readily removed, it ceases to be a problem. Thumb safeties (while redundant on a DAO), are no real problem to a 1911 fan.

    Balanced against those, the SR9 feels really snugglie in my hand, and I have trouble believing it holds than many rounds. if the hypothetical SR40 is similar, that’s a nice package. The SR9 durability numbers indicate that, polymer or not, it’s still been overengineered for thoughness.

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