Now that's a girl's gun

I don’t buy in to the whole “girl’s gun”, “man’s gun” nonsense that people seem to love to talk about online. I do believe that a good gun fits your hands well and allows you to get a good grip on it and reach the controls. It seems that our female model’s hands fit the Sig P238 pretty well.

From NRA 2010

The Sig P238 runs right around $600 street price.


  1. I’m bettin’ yes. Especially if she likes shooting your 9mm Para, the drop in weight and size should be appealing.

    Tho for a gun that size I’d prefer to pocket carry, and I just don’t like the idea of a SAO for pocket carry. Maybe I’m just being an old fart about it….

  2. I played with one at the local gun emporium. Man that thing is awesome. What’s not awesome is the price, which is why I didn’t walk out of there with it.

  3. You’ll want to make sure that you drop the hammer on the one that she’ll purchase…I’ve tried a few that had the triggers from hell. At one of the shops where I tried it, the clerk looked confused, and had his gunsmith measure it with a trigger pull gauge; it checked in at 10 pounds!

    Some I’ve tried have been much, much better. Just be sure to measure it before you buy it.

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