1. It’s the ’70s all over again!

    (I am not wearing those wide ties).

  2. The title of this post made me think about Beavis and Butthead. 🙂

    Wonder how the wood handguards do with heat dissipation?

  3. Aaron,

    Probably pretty well, right up until they burst into flames, like the AK47 has been known to do. {grin}

  4. “now your AR can have wood furniture that is easily damaged by the weather just like your hunting rifle!”

    Not sure what your “hunting rifle” is, but up here in North Dakota a lot of us hunt with AR’s.

    1. JD, I’m just using “hunting rifle” as an evocative term. Most people here “hunting rifle” and think “wood stocked bolt gun”.

  5. Sorry Caleb, point taken.
    I have no reason to believe you’re a fudd, but I’ve run into many of them up here who don’t believe AR’s are “hunting rifles”. So I get a bit sweaty when I see something that insinuates AR’s wouldn’t be used for hunting.

  6. Actually, to me, there really aren’t any “hunting rifles”. I got that particular bit of stupid snapped out of me when a gunsmith I respected, pointed out he made a lot of money converting the brand new (and cheap) Chinese SKS rifles then available, into wonderful (and fairly cheap, but still a nice markup for him) deer rifles. Like the one with which he took the cool trophy that was mounted on the wall of his shop. As he put it, “It’s just a .30-30 that’s easier to unload..”

    There are rifles. Some of which are used for hunting.

    But anything suitable for a deer is suitable for a man, and pretty much vice-versa. (Well, excepting some of the really big deer you can get up north. There’s some of those I wouldn’t want to take with a .223 if I had a choice. Considering I live in Virginia, where our deer start at “large collie” and work their way up, deer a couple sizes larger than that are what I think of. {grin})

  7. Most of the people I hunt with including myself use a DPMS .308 carbine for deer and antelope. I use my .223’s for yotes,prairie dogs and targets.
    I’ve killed 4 deer(3 bucks 1 doe) in three years with my .308 AR, all one shot kills ranging from 80-425 yds. I won’t hunt with any other rifle again.

  8. geodkyt, I agree with you that there aren’t any “hunting rifles”. A rifle is a rifle whether a person uses it for self defense,targets or hunting.

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