Quick pictures from the floor!

Just a couple of quick iPhone shots from the floor – I especially like the torture test HK P30!  First up is a EAA Witness Polymer in an unknown caliber, which was really taken as more of a joke than anything.

Then we have the new M&P15 VTAC from S&W.

Finally, my favorite of the bunch – the display at the HK booth featuring the Pistol-Training.Com P30 that fired over 90,000 rounds in less than a year.  It’s a great testament to how well HK makes their pistols, and how shootable a 9mm polymer pistol can be.


  1. A polymer EAA Witness, I’m guessing. Anything special about it?

  2. Hmm…. well, my Glock 17 and my Beretta 92fs have a few thousand rounds through them already since I bought them (used). I am guessing that each had ~2K rounds in them before they ended up mine.

    Each of them are sure to go another 5-10K rounds while they are in my possession. A gun going 30K, to me, is rather pointless. All the big names have guns like that already.

  3. That gun didn’t go 30,000 rounds, it went 91,000 rounds. It shows the durability of the design with minimal maintenance.

  4. On one hand, H&K probably has the best initial QC in the business.

    On the other hand, fuck H&K.

  5. I don’t want to drown Gun Nuts with commentary about the endurance test, but I’ll simply say that for folks who actually understand how guns work (and how they break), putting 90k+ rounds through a gun in less than a year is far different than shooting 30,000 rounds over 10 years, over even shooting 100,000 rounds over 10 years. Heat, debris, lack of lubrication, etc. all begin to play far greater roles in durability when the gun is fired 2,000 times in an afternoon as opposed to in a month.

  6. I’m impressed by the torture test. And I’m still not buying one. Not unless HK is bought out by a US company that immediately fires the present staff, excepting only the engineers.

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