Bushmaster ACRs shipping

Press release from Bushmaster:

Windham, ME – As of April 1st, firearms dealers began receiving the much anticipated Bushmaster ACR, redefining the term “modular” with the extraordinary ability to change calibers, barrel lengths and stock configurations in less than two minutes – without the use of tools. Truly the most versatile and adaptive rifle ever conceived, the ACR is a result of a collaborative effort between Bushmaster, Magpul® and Remington®. The Bushmaster ACR for the commercial market is available now in the Basic configuration and the Enhanced configuration is slated for initial shipments on May 1, 2010.

Read the whole press release here at the Tactical Wire.  I am basically uninterested in the ACR other than “oh hey, a rifle I can’t afford”.  I think it’s a cool idea, and I wish Bushmaster and Co. the best of luck in selling them, but until I can build one to my exact specifications for less than $2000 (which I can do with an AR) then I’ll pass.


  1. Yeah, that’s my biggest issue with the whole platform is that I can’t see a reason to buy it when I can build a rifle that does the exact same thing for less money.

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