Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 Pistol

Smith & Wesson has expanded their M&P15-22 line to include a .22 LR pistol based on the popular AR15 clone rifle.  That’s a cute little gun, and I’m not going to lie – the temptation to slap a stock on that and create an SBR is already really, really strong just looking at the picture of the pistol.  The M&P15-22 line of rifles has been selling like hotcakes, and has already earned a pretty loyal following in the .22 community.  I’m planning on running one in the rimfire rifle division at the Indiana State Steel Challenge match this year for giggles.  If you’re looking for a cool .22 LR pistol to make Sarah Brady cry, you might want to check out the M&P15-22 Pistol.

MSRP is $585, however just like the rifle it will probably street for lower than that.  Smith & Wesson has not provided me with any consideration for this post, FTC.


  1. How about they make something actually useful, like a 22 trainer for the M&P pistol line?

    The only purpose of this seems to be ‘because we can’. That’s fine, but not generally S&W’s position in the market.

  2. I would say the purpose is more along the lines of “because tactical .22s are selling like hotcakes at a fatdude convention”. Money talks, after all.

  3. I took a gander @ one of these. Unfortunately, lowers are not swappable with ar-15 clones, nor is there a way to easily affix a stock–I thought of it too.

  4. That’s correct – the lower is essentially the same as the lower on the M&P15-22 rifles, which is a dedicated .22 LR lower.

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