1. If anyone thinks that this is a “Good” price, they need to re-examine their thought process! Ammo man had .380 a couple of weeks ago at 2/3 this price! And I thought that his price was high.

    Using the listed 6% discount, this amounts to something like 639.20/1,000. Atrocious!

    A very good reason to reload, and, better yet, also to cast!
    Currently, including NEW StarLine Brass, $154.00/1,000!

    1. This is hollow point ammo, which is more expensive that FMJ, which is what that crook ammoman had.

  2. We went to our club range last night and rented several .380s, since they finally had some ammo in stock.

    Didn’t like the LCP at all, but that’s to be expected. The Sig 232 and the Beretta Cougar were very sweet to fire though.

    The Cougar threw me off though, and that’s why we have the 4 rules. Whenever I shoot a new gun with a safety, I put the safety on, aim it down range, and try to fire it. The Cougar fired.

    Seems I didn’t engage the safety enough, since it’s also a decocker. I didn’t engage it enough to decock or safe the trigger, but I did engage it enough to keep the slide from moving more than a 1/16th of an inch when it fired. Good thing I didn’t break it!

  3. “How can such a tiny bullet be soo expensive!!”

    Ask Ruger/Keltec/Kahr/Sig/Bersa how many 380 guns they’ve sold in the past year.

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