Fun in the snow

Despite the fact that there’s a 40% chance of snow for tomorrow, they are holding a bowling pins match at Marion County Fish and Game.

Our Bowling Pin Shooting match will be next Saturday, February 27th at 1 pm. We will begin setup at 12:30 pm, and we’ll need help from volunteers. We will have a shooters’ meeting (required for new shooters) at 12:45 pm to explain the rules. At 1:00 pm sharp, we will begin shooting. We’ll be charging $3 per bracket for club members and $4 per bracket for non-members, with all money going towards the club or making the competition better. Youth (under the age of 18) shoot free with a paid adult.

Pin matches are what got me started in competitive shooting, and still hold a place of fondness in my heart.  They’re cheap to shoot, and when it’s this cold out, the pins kind of explode when they’re hit with a lot of force.  Should be AWESOME.


  1. Something I’ve been wondering for a while – can you shoot pin matches with a 9mm? Commentary I’ve seen implies you need at least a .40 and .45 is better…

  2. Yes you can. Our local club moves the pins a foot closer to the back of the table for “minor” calibers like 9mm or .38 Special.

    A 147 grain 9mm is a pretty hot ticket against a bowling pin before they get all heavy from lead.

  3. Not that I wouldn’t welcome the excuse to pick up a .45; but it’d require about 6 weeks to 3 months of wait, based on previous experience with getting paperwork back (and I live in a relatively permissive town in NJ – the delay is all at the state level)

  4. I was thinking about it, but…

    1) No way I’m going to try getting the Zed Drei in and out of MCF&G with the weather like this, and…

    2) Shooting frozen half-pins off the table after they’ve split longitudinally is a stone beeyotch.

  5. I attended the match was a lot of fun. The pins really break up when hit with a large bullet.

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