Smith & Wesson Pro Series Revolvers

A complete set of the initial Pro Series revolvers from Smith & Wesson. From left to right: 8 shot 627 Pro w/Miculek grips, 5 shot Model 60 Pro, 6 shot 686SSR Pro. All three guns are chambered for .357 Magnum, although I doubt I’ll ever fire more than a handful of full house magums (unless my boys at Wolf can hook me up with a couple of cases of their .357 Wolf Gold) as the 686 and 627 are game guns and the 60 is a carry gun.

The 627 has two purposes in life: Bianchi Cup Production division, and Steel Challenge iron sight revolver. The cushion of two extra shots over a standard wheelgun gives a little more room for speed in Steel Challenge. In Bianchi, the extra two shots are comforting if I get a bad primer.

The 686SSR is going to be part of the series “The Quest for Master class”, where I shoot the IDPA qualifier on a regular basis with that gun and with my (not pictured) 625. The 686SSR is also going to be used in ICORE’s new Retro division. As the local ICORE match director, I’m working on getting a qualifier set up for that.

But hey, you probably want to see the guns!