Attn Hoosiers: HB 1065 passes Senate, heads to House for review

From the NRA-ILA Release:

On Monday, February 22, the Indiana Senate voted 41-9 to pass House Bill 1065.  HB1065 will now head back to the House for concurrence.

HB1065 would prevent state or local government authorities from confiscating lawfully owned firearms during declared states of emergency, such as occurred in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.  Moreover, this bill would also prohibit employers from firing employees who safely and lawfully store their firearms in their privately-owned locked vehicles while on an employer’s property.

Please contact your State Representative TODAY and respectfully urge them to pass the Senate version of HB1065. For contact information, please click here.

We’ll also cover this a little bit on tonight’s Gun Nuts Radio at 9pm Eastern time.

Update: Here are the 9 Senators that voted “no” on the bill.

  • Senator Breaux
  • Senator Broden
  • Senator Lanane
  • Senator Randolph
  • Senator Rogers
  • Senator Simpson
  • Senator Tallian
  • Senator Taylor
  • Senator Wyss

A note about that vote, with the exception of Senator Wyss all the State Senators that voted against the bill were Democrats.  Sen. Wyss was the sole Republican vote to go against the bill; so if you’re a resident of State Senate District 15, you might want to give him a call to voice your displeasure for voting against a bill to protect Hoosier gun owners.

If your State Senator was not listed above, meaning they voted “yes” on HB 1065, please give them a call or email as well and thank them for their support!  We spend so much time and energy on telling our reps what not to do that it’s easy to forget to pat them on the back when they’ve done right.

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