Indy Chamber of Commerce trying to scuttle Parking Lots bill

Contact your legislators and urge them to pass a clean bill – no poison amendments.  Yesterday, the Indy Chamber of Commerce distributed a propaganda flier to legislators filled with misinformation.  The real facts, not the fabricated garbage are here:

The REAL Facts:

1. Federal Court: Northern District Court of Florida upheld Florida Parking Lots for employees; denied the Florida Retail Federation

2. Federal Appellate Court: US Court of Appeals – 10th Circuit ruled against Conoco Phillips in Oklahoma’s Parking Lot bill

3. U.S. Department of Labor confirmed that allowing employees to store lawful firearms in locked vehicles do not add to workplace violence or violate OSHA standards

4. The State of Missouri does not have Parking Lots legislation, meaning that companies CAN ban firearms from their parking lots. The St. Louis plant, highlighted in the Chamber’s sensational handout, has declined to state publicly whether or not they prohibit firearms from their parking lots, but obviously the ability to do so in Missouri did not stop a murderer.
This is NOT the first time Chambers of Commerce have sold out to anti-gun activists to defeat Parking Lot legislation. They still failed.

“Supporters of the bill who favor placing gun rights above the rights of property owners rely on a questionable understanding of Second Amendment rights for legitimacy. Often the NRA and its supporters will argue that gun ownership is an inalienable right provided for by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. That is not consistent with the text of the amendment nor with the courts that have interpreted it.” –Georgia Traditional Manufacturers Association, in a memo circulated to Georgia legislators.

In an attempt to defeat the Parking Lot bill in the Florida legislature, the Florida Retail Federation hired a lobbyist who had previously been the Southeast Regional Director for the Brady Campaign and the Million Mom March.

Contact your State Legislators, Hoosiers!


    1. The chamber sent out a prop piece to all the members of the House – I’ve got a copy of it that I haven’t uploaded yet.

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