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I mentioned on Sunday that I’ve got a couple of guns for sale, one of which is the now (in)famous Beretta Jetfire that I’ve been pocket carrying for a while now and was used in conjuction with a hot cup of coffee to fend off a potential mugging.

I’ve gotten a couple of questions as to why I’m selling the Jetfire; despite any sentimental attachment that I may have with the gun.  It’s complicated, but the biggest reason was that I wanted to carry a little bit “more” gun on a daily basis than a 9 shot .25 ACP.  While you’ll never hear me repeat any of the silly .25 ACP canards like “if you shoot someone and they find out they might be angry”, the .25 isn’t exactly in the same spectrum as a .38 Special when it comes to terminal performance.

However, stopping power alone isn’t the main reason why I’m changing up my regular carry gun.  It was actually because I got to thinking that I compete exclusively with double action revolvers these days.  In IDPA I shoot a 625, in ICORE, Steel Challenge, and Bianchi Cup I shoot either a 627 or a 686+.  It makes sense for my carry guns to have the same action type as guns that I’m going to shoot 20,000 rounds through this year.  Ultimately that’s why I went to the j-frame platform.

This isn’t to say that the Jetfire is a bad gun – I think it’s a great gun, and it fills the niche of “tiny pocket gun” better in my opinion than than the LCP/Kel-Tec designs.