No, not some silly coal powered car – a hybrid holster. I have a couple of different holsters for my N-frames, but for competition I always use either my Blade-Tech or my Safariland. I prefer the Blade Tech for IDPA/USPSA as it holds the gun better, but the Safariland is “faster” for Steel and other sports because it has much less tension on the gun.

The only drawback to the Safariland is that it positions the gun up kind of high for my stubby little T-Rex arms to get it out in a hurry. The solution? A little WECSOG modification, using my Blade Tech Tek-lok and the offset paddle to lower the holster out and away from centerline. Here are the lame iPhone photos so you can see how the attachment works.

The advantage here is that I get the notorious stability of the Blade-Tech rig, but with the easy release from the Safariland holster. A couple of gamer items: this holster is all kinds of illegal in IDPA, and is borderline illegal for Bianchi Cup Production Division. But for USPSA/ICORE/Steel Challenge, dropped and offset is good to go.