Gun Nuts tonight: New Rugers and more!

Join us tonight on Gun Nuts Radio, live at 9pm Eastern time!  Tonight’s show is going to be a lot of fun, as we’ve got a lot of ground to cover.  Our first topic will be the new guns from Ruger, the Ruger SR9c, the GP100 in .327, and of course the 8 shot Blackhawk in .327.  After that, we’ll be talking about a couple of news stories, including the story from the NBA about pro athletes brandishing guns, as well as some interesting news items from here in Indiana.  Finally, we’re going to launch our newest segment, which should be popular: Blogger of the week.  Each week when possible we’ll be talking to a prominent blogger, or a blogger that we feel you should be reading.  Tonight’s featured blogger is our very own Breda, because hey, what better way to launch a new segment than for me to put Breda on the spot?

It’s all tonight at 9pm Eastern time at – this is the place to be for shooting sports and firearms related news and politics!

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